Why Responsible Travel Matters

adventureadmin - Oct 31, 2018 - Inspiration

Here at Adventure Tours UK we care passionately about responsible travel. But before we start explaining why that is and why we believe it matters, first let’s be clear on what we mean.

Responsible tourism

Also sometimes referred to as sustainable tourism, it can be described as travel that:

– minimises negative social, economic and environmental impacts

– generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the wellbeing of the communities you’re visiting

– makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage

– provides more enjoyable experiences for travellers through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues

– is culturally sensitive, encourages respect between travellers and hosts, and build local pride and confidence
provides access for physically-challenged travellers

– improves working conditions and access to the industry

– involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances

So now you know what it is, we think you’ll agree, this stuff really does matter. Our world is an incredible place and we’re so fortunate that we can travel around it, exploring every mountain, every river, every coastline and experiencing every culture it has to offer. But if we don’t take responsible tourism seriously, future generations won’t be so lucky.

So how does Adventure Tours UK deliver on this?

Actions speak louder than words, so we don’t just talk the talk – at ATUK HQ we walk the walk!

Offsetting your carbon and creating native woodland

We recognise that by its very nature, travelling creates a carbon footprint. We can’t avoid the need to get on a plane to travel here, or the need for our super cool minibus to drive you around from one amazing activity to another once you’re here. But what we can do is calculate the carbon footprint this creates for each and every one of our intrepid adventurers and offset that for you.

By teaming up with Forest Carbon, we ensure that every gram of CO2 is accounted for. The donations we make are used to create new native broadleaf woodland right here in the UK, certified under the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code.

This means that not only is your carbon footprint reduced to zero, together we’re helping to make the UK an even greener place. You’ll be creating more native habits for our wildlife to thrive in and for visitors from near and far to enjoy.

To date Forest Carbon and corporate partners have planted over 140 new woodlands in the UK, some 7.5 million trees, but Adventure Tours UK are the first travel operators to work with us and we are thrilled about this. Enjoying all that the UK has to offer, and offsetting by contributing to our natural landscape creates a positive outcome all round.

Stephen Prior, director and co-founder of Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon Offset

Reducing plastic waste

Single-use plastic is a huge problem for our planet and we all need to take responsibility, quickly. When you travel with us, at the start of your trip we’ll give you your own aluminium water bottle. Refill this each each day at your hotel and do away with the need for buying plastic bottles of water every day. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment and it will save you money too, so everyone wins!

It’s a small detail, but one that we think really adds up to making a big difference to our planet.

Woman drinks from an orange refillable water bottle to avoid using single-use plastic

Supporting local businesses and creating employment opportunities

Every adventure we carefully craft for you relies upon a number of local businesses to help us deliver that perfect, authentic experience. We only ever work with independent local organisations who are based in the region you’re exploring and who employ local people. This way we know that every penny you spend is directly impacting the local region in a positive way.

There are no chains. No corporate money-makers. Just hard-working local people who are as passionate about supporting their region and their local communities as we are.

Authentic adventure

We believe you get so much more from your experience when you really get under the skin of a place. That means having an expert, local guide on hand to reveal the area’s hidden gems: the best singletrack, the best viewing point, the best pub for a local beer! And by doing this, you get to meet the locals firsthand and learn about the history and culture of a place through their stories.

By the time you come to leave, you’ll have made new friends and a deep connection with their hometown.

Adventure for everyone

Active holidays are by nature generally physically demanding and often in remote locations. However we are committed to always do everything we can to ensure they’re accessible to everyone. If you or anyone in your group has any particular accessibility requirements when travelling, please do contact us. We’ll do everything we can to create the perfect adventure for you.

We only have one planet. And we only have one chance to take care of it and everyone who calls it home. Travelling can and should be a force for good, so lets make it happen.

Meet our local guides yourself on one of our fully-supported multi-activity adventures. Or check out our expertly-guided mountain biking and walking trips so you can really get off the beaten path.