7 Reasons for Small Group Tours

adventureadmin - Oct 31, 2018 - Inspiration28Guided

If you’ve never experienced small group tours for yourself, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. The truth is it will mean something different to everyone. But here’s why we think small group adventure tours are an incredible way to discover the world.

1) Less time organising, means more time enjoying

Most of us just don’t have the time these days to be spending night after night researching the coolest places to go and things to do when you get there. But at the same time the thought of filing on and off a huge coach with 50 other people probably fills you with horror! Small group travel with organised itineraries mean someone else has done all the hard work for you. They’ve found the best things to do and arranged them all into the perfect combination so you can get the most from your UK adventure holiday without stressing over the detail.

At Adventure Tours UK we only work with the highest quality activity providers, so you can be assured of the best experience possible. And we’ve thought about what you’ll be doing each day. So every day you’ll feel challenged and exhilarated, but you won’t be burned out by mid week!

And because your adventure tour is all planned out in advance, there’s no time wasted wondering what to do the next day or how to get there. No worry and no fuss, just lose yourself in moments of experience and discovery.

2) Fully supported all the way

We like to think of small group tours as independent travel without the fuss.

Doing an activity in a remote area? There’s no need to worry about the bus timetable or taxi costs, you’ll be taken there with your group. Want to do a trip that includes a night camping under the stars but don’t know what to do with all your luggage? Don’t stress, anything you don’t need overnight will be stored safely for you.

And if you’re a solo traveller, small group tours are a great way to get off the beaten path while feeling safe and secure at all times.

3) Be a traveller, not a tourist

Big coaches may have their place, but they don’t get you up close and personal with the communities you’re visiting. If you want to feel like a local on your adventure holiday in the UK, a small group tour will allow you to reach those less-visited places. And you’ll feel more comfortable going further afield than you might if you were on your own. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to getting under the skin of a place and truly living the local culture.

There’s also nothing quite as effective at scaring off wildlife than a coach-load of tourists! Small groups are naturally less disruptive to the environment, so the local wildlife (and people!) are less likely to run a mile when you arrive. Giving you the best chance to experience the landscape in its most natural state.

4) Be guided to the best spots

Your group’s personal guide is like the North Star of your expedition. Follow them closely and they’ll reveal the history and hidden secrets you’d never have discovered otherwise. A great guide will bring your adventure tour to life in ways you’d never imagined. And in ways you’re not likely to get by travelling alone.

We believe in using travel for good, so we only use local guides. This ensures your adventure holiday is helping to create employment in rural areas of the UK. And it means you have a guide who is truly passionate about their home and proud to share it with you. Our guides love to share stories about their own adventures and can’t wait to help you discover your own unique experiences. With their help, you’ll have life-changing moments that’ll stay with you forever.

5) Make lifelong friends, bonded by unique adventures

One of the best advantages of adventuring in a small group is that you get to travel with like-minded people. You already have a shared interest in the destination you’ve all chosen and you probably like the same kind of activities. After all that’s why you booked your chosen trip. And now you get to discover this new place and share often life-changing experiences together. It’s how some of the most rewarding friendships are formed.

We think it’s important we do our bit to help get your new friendships off to a good start. So after your first full day of adventure together on our multi-activity holidays, we host a night out for the whole group. What better way to end a day of discovery than by sharing your stories over a delicious meal and a few beers.

Our Adventure and Discovery multi-activity holidays also both include a night under the stars. Just perfect for cooking together around a campfire and sharing stories over toasted marshmallows. It’s the stuff memories are made of.

6) Great value and easy budgeting

Cheaper than a private trip and easier to budget in advance, a small group adventure tour offers great value for the budget-savvy traveller. With your accommodation, transport, activities and even most meals sorted in advance, all you need is a bit of spending money for a handful of meals and beers with your new buddies.

And if you prefer travelling alone, small group tours are perfect for solo travellers. You’ll be paired up with a room mate of the same sex so you need never worry about paying a single supplement again. Around 50% of people on small group tours are lone travellers, so you’re in good company. Of course if you prefer your own room, that’s usually possible if you’re happy to pay a supplement.

7) Adventures to suit every taste

Small group adventure tours come in all shapes and sizes, so we’re confident there’s one (at least!) out there for you.

At Adventure Tours UK we offer a choice of multi-activity holidays to suit all types of traveller. Plus our guided specialist trips allow you to indulge in an adventure holiday focussed solely on your favourite sport, like trail running. Check out our mountain biking and hiking small group tours now and keep an eye out for new adventures as we launch them.

Whichever small group adventure holiday you choose, with Adventure Tours UK you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll only have a positive impact on the communities you visit and their environment. Especially as we offset the carbon footprint of your trip at no extra cost to you. It’s the details that make the difference and we think this one is too important to miss.

From the smile and handshake when you arrive, to the bear hug when you leave, you’ll love experiencing a small group tour with us.